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Trump Playbook - Project His Own Guilt On To Others 0

Trump The Projector In Chief

For all of the scandalous and ethically depraved behavior that have marked Trump’s presidential candidacy and presidency, his play book has been simple and clear: whatever I am guilty of, just accuse my opponent...

Trump Russia Collusion Is No Delusion 0

Trump Russia Collusion Is No Delusion

Donald Trump going on his victory tour and gloating over the results of Mueller investigation is like a school kid gloating over getting a D on a test rather than an F.  What we...

Trump Presidency Feuling Hate Crime 2

Make America Hate Again

Reported hate crimes with racial or ethnic bias spiked the day after President Trump won the 2016 election according to an analysis of FBI hate crime statistics by The Washington Post from 10 to 27. There were...