Trump Has Record Lowest Approval Ratings Of Any Incoming President

Trump Low Approval Ratings Lowest In History For Incoming PresidentDonald Trump’s approval rating has suffered during a tumultuous transition leaving him taking the oath of office in just a few days with a record low approval rating for an incoming administration of 40%.  By comparison, Barack Obama had an 84% approval rating for his first inauguration, while first time President Elect Bill Clinton entered office at 67%.  Even George W Bush ,who like Trump won the electorate while losing the popular vote( and winning the Presidency on a controversial Supreme Court decision with a vote in his favor that went strictly along ideological lines), took the oath of office with a 61% approval rating.

Not surprisingly, Trump took to Twitter in light of the new CNN/ORC poll dismissing it posting, “The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before.”

His peers, including some of his supporters, have a different assessment of the record low poll numbers for a new administration.  Representative Sean Duffy (a Trump Supporter) stated, “What’s happening here is the public fight that Mr. Trump is having with CNN and other media groups has taken some skin off his poll numbers and it’s gone down,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday on “New Day.”

Others point to any number of other actions of the President Elect since he won the election as the cause for his drop in voter confidence during the transition that go beyond his war with CNN and other media organizations.

Trump Clashes with U.S. Intelligence

Up until recently (and in a very tepid admission), Trump refused to accept the overwhelming bipartisan consensus that Russia deliberately hacked our election process in order to influence the outcome.  In addition, Trump likened the intelligence leaks of a Russian dossier of alleged compromising information on Trump to Nazi Germany, then took to Twitter to slam CIA Director John Brennan, while insinuating with no evidence that he was responsible for the intelligence leaks.

Trump Called NATO Obsolete While Hinting At “Good Deals” With Russia

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed as a pact of Western European nations with the United States to deter Soviet aggression.  Having expanded the organization significantly since the Cold War era in defense of terror and renewed Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, NATO member countries are shaken by Trump’s recent labelling of NATO as “obsolete.”

This is particularly troubling to many in light of Trump’s defense of Russia during the hacking probe, his professed admiration for Russian autocrat Vladamir Putin, and suggested that he is open to reversing Russian sanctions: “They have sanctions on Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia,” he said.

It does not help that his choice for Secretary of State has major business ties to Russia and Putin directly, and one of Trump’s staunchest defenders in the intelligence leaks is Putin himself, comparing those that engaged in the leaks to “Prostitutes.”

Trump Slams Civil Rights Icon

Trump took to Twitter slamming Representative John Lewis after Lewis stated that he questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s electoral win in the context of Russia hacking the elections in his favor.  Lewis also noted that he would not be attending Trumps inauguration.

In response, Trump not only attacked Representative Lewis directly, but also criticized his district and called the civil rights icon “All talk no action.”  This inevitably drew strong criticism in light of who he was attacking just before Dr. Martin Luther King weekend.

Trump Will Not Recognize Presidential Ethics Boundary Traditions

In addition to breaking the 40 year bipartisan tradition of Presidential candidates releasing their tax returns to the public, Trump is now refusing to divest himself of his business dealings by putting his assets in a blind trust while serving as President.  He intends to put his sons in charge of his business dealings, but his critics charge that with Trump still having an interest in his companies, he may still stand to profit from his policies as President.

Incoming administrations are typically given the benefit off the doubt as they begin their Presidency.  Trump has apparently spent what little political capital he had before he even officially started the job.  Many political pundits feel that this will leave little room to maneuver even from within his own party very early in his term in an unprecedented fashion.

Others dismiss these problems as non-issues, as Trump has maintained success despite having defied long standing conventions, décor, and protocol throughout the primaries and general election.

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