2016 Is Third Hottest Consecutive Year On Record While Trump Systematically Guts The EPA And Reverses Climate Change Measures

Trump Guts EPA, Will Worsen Climate Change, Pollute Environment

This Tweet pictured here was from 2014, based on one snow incident in Texas and a cold snap in Louisiana.  A little snow in Texas, a brief chilly period in Louisiana and Donald Trump is convinced that climate change is a hoax.  2014 ultimately ended up being the hottest year on record, that is, until 2015 became the hottest year on record, only to be eclipsed by 2016 being the hottest year on record.  2016 is especially troubling with stretches of weeks at time where the temperature averaged 20-30 degrees above normal.

Nonetheless, Trump in typical fashion ignored scientific evidence and doubled down on his assertion that climate change was not real throughout his campaign and is takes it further to claim that it is some kind of hoax hinting; even hinting that it was perpetrated by the Chinese to hurt our economy.  There seemed to be a ray of light during the transition following the election when Trump met with Al Gore, a meeting that was promoted by his daughter Ivanka who seems genuinely concerned about climate change.  After this, Trump even publicly somewhat conceded that climate change “may” be real and that man was responsible.  But then…

  • Trump picks Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon-Mobile for Secretary of State.
  • Trump picks Scott Pruitt for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, the pro big oil Attorney General of Oklahoma who famously sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the Clean Power Plan, the principal Obama-era policy aimed at reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector.
  • Trump signs executive orders to advanced the controversial Keystone and Dakota pipeline projects.
  • Trump begins assault of the EPA by laying out his EPA action plan drafted by Myron Ebell, a member of Trump’s transition team who’s also a director at the libertarian think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute; which targets regulations such as carbon emission rules that limit the amount of greenhouse gases allowed from power plants, and chopping $193 million in climate research programs.

Under the Obama administration, the clean renewable energy industry not only doubled in size, application, and revenue, but doubled the number of jobs in what may be perhaps the most important industry in for our country’s and the world’s future.  That industry is clearly taking a back seat to big oil and other greenhouse gas producing, polluting energy industries; not to mention the lack of oversight for non energy polluting industries that had far more accountability under President Obama than they will have under Trump’s new anti-environment, pro oil, and climate change denying cabinet.

The fact that climate change and pollution is not a bipartisan concern and tends to get brushed off by Republicans is alarming.  Rising seas levels due to the melting of the polar ice caps will drown the major coastal cities of Republicans and Democrats alike.  The 6th historic mass extinction that the vast majority of scientists have strong evidence we are in (and climate change is a major contributing factor) is not just a loss of cute and fuzzy creatures.  The bleaching and death of coral reefs is causing mass fish kills.  The loss of bees that are largely responsible fro pollinating our crops will decrease production and drive up the costs of food.  These are major issues that will cause serious food shortages for a growing world population.

Melting ice caps and heating of the oceans is far worse than rendering our coastal cities underwater burial grounds, as if that alone was not bad enough.  The ice caps are responsible for our ocean’s currents, a conveyor  driven by the Global Ocean Conveyor.  The water in the Global Ocean Conveyor circulates because of differences in water density, which are caused by differences in temperature and salinity. Colder water is denser than warmer water, while saltier water is denser than less salty water or fresh water. Water heated near the Equator travels at the surface of the ocean north into cold high latitudes where it becomes cooler. As it cools, it becomes denser and sinks to the deep ocean. More warm surface water flows in to take its place, cools, sinks, and the pattern continues.   The melting of the Arctic sea ice therefore has the potential to disrupt or slow down the Global Ocean Conveyor.  This is not some theory or some event that may happen a long time from now; it is already happening!

Why the Global Ocean Conveyor is of the utmost importance is because it currently warms countries in Western Europe (Norway, Sweden, England, etc) that would otherwise be frozen wastelands like Greenland.  Warm, tropical regions are likewise cooled by the conveyor, which would otherwise be cooked, parched, and burnt out desert.  The world’s climates are likewise headed toward catastrophic changes that many countries simply will not survive.


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