While The US Southeast & Caribbean Drown In Unprecedented Storms, US Northwest Burns In Unprecedented Fires, Trump’s EPA Rolls Back Climate Change Regulations

Trump Rolls Back Obama Era Climate Change Carbon Emission Regulations

Just yesterday, Hurricane Ophelia was the 10th consecutive Atlantic storm to reach hurricane status and is expected to hit the southern coast of Ireland in 3 days.  That’s right, you read it correctly, Ireland, hit by a hurricane!   We all know the cost in human life, money, and resources of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.  With all of the catastrophic hurricane news coverage dominating the news cycle in September, lost to most outside of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, 19,000 acre wildfires driven by record high temperatures raged, forcing evacuations, closing mountain resorts, and diminishing air quality.  California’s wine country is currently aflame, destroying one of our nations treasures, devouring homes and tragically taking a record number of lives with the death toll climbing every day.

97% of global scientists agree that these events are not anomalous aberrations in chance climate cycles but are part and parcel to a warming cycle driven by greenhouse carbon emissions as the result of our consumption of fossil fuels.  They warn of a tipping point we are nearing where we will reach the point of no return, while some argue that the tipping point may have already been passed.  How does the Trump Environmental Protection Agency respond?  By rolling back climate change regulations set by President Obama on power plant emissions of course!

The appointment of Scott Pruitt as the EPA director was Trump’s first step in his assault on the environment.  Scott Pruitt was the Oklahoma Attorney General that sued the EPA on behalf of fossil fuel interests and called for the dismantling of the agency.  The head of the EPA is a climate change denier and among his first order of business was to slash the EPA staff by 30%.  The fox guarding the hen house would be the perfect analogy to describe the appointment of Pruitt as the head of the EPA.

Beyond climate change, however, repealing Obama era carbon emission standards will also serve to reduce air quality and are expected to lead to increased incidence of cancer, respiratory, and heart disease.  Sadly, climate change carbon emission deregulation is just the tip of the iceberg for Trump’s environmental protection deregulation agenda.  From a review of drilling and mining in national parks to rolling back harmful pesticide regulation, this administration is embarking on an unprecedented assault on our air, water, and climate.

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