A New Cold War Heats Up With Russia That Trump Has No Intention Of Addressing

Trump Will Not Recognize Russian Threat

Vladimir Putin just unveiled The Russian Federation’s new Satan 2 hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile that he claims cannot be shot down by any missile defense systems.  He then showed an animated video of the missile at work raining nuclear warheads at what is clearly Florida’s Tampa Bay area, home of the US military’s Central Command.  This is hardly a subtle threat.  President Trump was silent

Only a few weeks prior, two bomb shell Russia related matters revealed themselves.  First, Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016  presidential election led to indictments of 13 Russian nationals that had direct involvement in programs directed at subverting our free, democratic elections.  At a hearing in front of the Senate Armed Forces  Committee, the chiefs of all of our intelligence agencies were in unequivocal and unanimous agreement that not only Russia interfered with our election, they are already at work to do the same with our upcoming mid term elections.  Trump responded by Tweeting “WITCH HUNT!”

Even more troubling, in the same hearing, Director of the National Security Agency stated, “Clearly, what we’ve done hasn’t been enough.”  When asked if he had been granted the authority by Trump to counter Russian cyber-attacks at their source, Rogers said: “No, I have not.”  He went on to say, “I need a policy decision that indicates there is specific direction to do that. The president ultimately would make this decision in accordance with a recommendation from the secretary of defense.”

It is beyond troubling that our elected president would put our democracy at risk and dismiss an ever empowered Putin simply because of his insecurity about the Trump campaign collusion aspect of Mueller’s investigation and the greater idea that acknowledgement of Russian interference would somehow delegitimatize his victory.    However, while Trump’s narcissism seems to know no bounds, there may be even more to Trump’s  refusal to address Russian aggression.

It is well known that after a myriad of bankruptcies, Trump had to resort to Russian banks to finance his real company’s real estate projects.  The presidents of several Russian banks have strong ties to the Kremlin which may be wielding influence over Trump simply because they hold the notes on his company’s debts or worse, possibly have compromising information on improper, unethical, or illegal financial dealings.  Without Trump’s tax returns having been made public, we can only speculate the depths to which the Russian Federation has influence over Trump.

What we do know is that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is no friend of the United States, is bent on flexing its muscle and has ignited a new Cold War…and we have a president that does not seem to care.

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