“The Stormy Is Coming”

The Trump and Stormy Daniels Story Just Kicked Up To A New Level

The title of this article is a quote from Mika Brzezinski as her final thought of this morning’s episode of Morning Joe in reference to the Stormy Daniels story from progressing from sleazy tabloid reporting (at least as far as the White House has framed it) to a growing snow ball of lies, hush money payment, possible campaign finance violations, and a lawsuit by a porn star against the President of the United States.  Evangelicals’ odd love affair with Trump point to forgiveness and redemption as core Christian values to justify their overlooking Trump’s Access Hollywood p–sy grabbing comments and alleged extramarital affair with a porn star; since those things occurred a long time ago and their allegiance is with the new and improved presidential Trump.

However, in the coming months, Evangelicals and other Trump supporters who claim to have a moral conscience are likely going to have a heck of a lot more to overlook.  The hush money payment of $130,000 occurred in October 2016 on behalf of then candidate Trump merely 10 days before his election.  The narrative that Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen put forth, is that the shell LLC  that was created to make the payment to Stormy Daniels was done by him and him alone and the money paid out of his own pocket with Trump having no knowledge of it; in an attempt to put the stop a false story from seeing the light of day and smearing his client.

Unfortunately for Trump, his own Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, all but admitted Trump having direct involvement in the hush money payment because she stated yesterday that he recently successfully won arbitration in this matter.  However, if Trump had no involvement in this matter and attorney Michael Cohen acted alone with his own money, Trump should have no cause to enter into any sort of arbitration.  This should be Cohen’s problem and his problem alone if Trump had zero knowledge or involvement in this matter.  And what lawyer would act on his own without his client’s permission?  Why would Trump not fire him immediately for doing such a thing?

Further complicating this matter for Trump is that Stormy Daniels is now suing him to make the contract null and void since it does not have his own signature or even his name on it.  Her own attorney has hit the cable news circuit reporting that this has been addressed by Michael Cohen with threats and intimidation and has vowed that he and his client will not be intimidated and intend to stay the course…meaning that, not only will this story drag on, Stormy Daniels may at some point be free to tell her salacious story to whomever will listen.  If that happens, I will bet there will be plenty that are willing and eager to listen.

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