Who Is To Blame For Trump’s Impulsive VA Secretary Nominee With Nonexistent Vetting? The Democrats Of Course!

Trump Ronny Jackson

Donald Trump promised in his campaign speeches so many times that I lost count that he would only have the ‘best people” working in his administration.  Yet time and again he has continued to pick the worst people for his cabinet that have resigned or gotten fired because they exhibited poor ethics, did a poor job, or Trump changed his mind about how truly great they were.  Dr. Ronny Jackson as Trump’s pick for Veterans’ Affairs Secretary  is the latest example of this impulsive, non-vetting style of Trump in picking his nominees for cabinet positions.   Starting with National Security adviser Michael Flynn who lasted 2 weeks on the job, the list of Trump hires that have departed the administration in just over a year in office is staggering.

Let us set aside for a moment the allegations made against Dr. Jackson by 23 members of his White House medial staff and just look at his qualifications.  The pluses are that he is naval doctor, an Admiral and he has personally treated three presidents.  On their surface, these are impressive accomplishments, but hardly make him qualified to run the second largest bureaucracy in the United States government.  Many far more qualified and experienced people have tried and not lived up to the task.

Recalling Dr. Jackson’s unprecedented and bizarre press conference detailing Trump to be a pillar of health (despite being 1 pound away from being considered by all medical standards to be obese), praising his wonderful genes, diet of fast food and diet Coke, and complete refusal to engage in any physical exercise; it is clear why Trump gave him the nomination.  Dr. Jackson went on national television and did the most important thing to President Trump in his assessment of a person’s value: he glowingly praised him.

Before the troubling allegations of drunkenness on the job, improperly dispensing controlled drugs, and fostering a toxic work environment, several Senators of both parties had serious misgivings about the lack of qualifications and experience of Dr. Jackson to run an agency as large and important as Veterans’ Affairs, including Veterans’ Affairs Senate Committee Chairman,  Republican Senator from Georgia, Johnny Isakson.  Once credible allegations were put forth from 23 people that work under or have worked under Dr. Jackson, serious bipartisan concerns that this candidate had little to no vetting by the Trump administration led to the bipartisan cancellation of his Senate confirmation hearing and eventually a withdrawal by Dr. Jackson for consideration to be the next VA Secretary.

Despite the fact that simple vetting by the Trump administration would have brought these allegations to light well before a nomination was even put forth and that his pick drew sharp criticism from both sides of the isle, Trump laid all the blame for this fiasco on obstructionist democrats in a venting session on Fox and Friends this morning by phone in interview.  He pointed out in particular ranking Democrat on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Senator from Montana Jon Tester, as being solely responsible the colossal failure of his VA Secretary nominee.  He also noted that Senator Testor of the state of Montana where Trump was clear in pointing out that people “love me,” was in for some serous problems over his criticism of Dr. Jackson (never mind that the Republican Chairman shared the same concerns).

Although it is highly unlikely, Trump really should stop pointing his finger elsewhere and face the reality that he is just not very good at picking the “best people.”  On a positive note, although this particular Trump pick failed in epoch fashion as nominee for VA Secretary, unlike many other Trump associates, at least he is not under federal indictment…yet.

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