Arsonist Trump Starts Fire, Puts It Out By Executive Order & Claims Victory

Trump Reverses Policy Of Separating Immigrant Children From Families Claiming Victory For Reversing His Own Policy

Early this week as outrage mounted on the Trump administration’s newly minted policy (April 19, 2018) of separating small children from their families charged with misdemeanor border crossing, Trump doubled down on the policy, stating that legally his hands were tied and it was the fault of Congress (namely Democrats) and up to them to fix.  As outrage increasingly reached a fever pitch, Trump reversed course yesterday and issued an executive order prohibiting family separations at the border, hails himself as a the hero of the day for finally fixing a long standing problem (that he himself created and just days ago claimed was powerless to fix) as his pundits fell in lock step and cheered him (yet having previously having vigorously defended the draconian immigrant child separations).

As the title of this article indicates, Trump creating a policy, later issuing an executive order to to reverse the policy, then claiming hero status for it is akin to an arsonist starting a blaze, putting it out, then claiming to be a hero for doing so.   As ridiculous as this sounds, Trump’s pundits are right on board with this version of what occurred, as are his faithful ever loyal base that clings to Trump no matter what he does or says.  The spin is truly enough to make one’s head spin!

Prior to revering Trump as a hero for rescinding his own policy, however, there was a much different narrative being put forth but Trump pundits, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.  This collective group like their boss repeatedly blamed Congress for this problem, namely Democrats, and even began pushing the completely untrue narrative that other administrations followed this exact same policy going back as far as President Bill Clinton.

They cited the Elian Gonzalez case as an example.  However, there are zero parallels between the Gonzalez case and separation of children at the border when their parents are charged with misdemeanor border crossing.  In the Gonzalez case, Elian’s mother died by drowning while attempting to cross the Florida Straits from Cuba with her boyfriend and her son Elian.  Elian was initially placed with his paternal extended family in Miami, but the courts ruled that only the boy’s parent or legal guardian may petition for asylum on a child’s behalf and Elian’s father wanted his son back in Cuba with him.  Attorney General Janet Reno subsequently ordered that Elian be returned to his biological father in Cuba.

While the images of Elian Gonzalez  being taken from the home of his relatives by armed federal agents were disturbing to say the least and the methods undoubtedly over the top and inappropriate, the case has zero relevance in the current immigration crisis.  It was a combination immigration and custody case between Elian’s father that wanted him back and the US extended family that wanted him to stay.  If course, this did not stop Trump pundits and his loyal base to use it as an example of other administrations taking children away from their families and poor Trump is getting singled out simply because the media does not like him.

In other cases Trump policy defenders cited DCFS taking children away from parents convicted of crimes and imprisoned as justification for the border crisis.  This was yet another deflection with no relevance, since crimes that lead to prison sentences are felony convictions, whereas illegal border crossing is a misdemeanor offense and was treated as such until April 19, 2018 when Attorney General Jeff Sessions changed that.  Children of convicted felons are also put in the foster care system, not held in cages crying for their parents with no reunification or end in sight.

This morning, the right wing pundit narrative has changed yet again, hailing Trump as the hero that fixed a very big problem (that he started and that they had previously approved of).

Thank you Mr. President for saving these poor children’s plight from…you.

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