Who is Q and Why Are His/Her/It’s Followers Showing Up Increasingly At Trump Rallies?

Since earlier this year, increasing numbers of people holding up signs with the letter Q have been showing up at Trump rallies.  They are the followers of an over the top right wing conspiracy theorist  person or group of people that emerged from a sub group called /pol/ within a fringe website called 4chan where anything goes.  The /pol/ in the subgroup stands for “politically incorrect,” and has become a growing and progressively disturbing  right wing conspiracy fringe group with extremely radical ideas and conspiracy theories fed to them by Q.  4chan previously was the kind of place where Neo-Nazis and people who do not believe in equal rights for women used to meet before they came out of the shadows after the election of Donald Trump. As of late, it has expanded its ranks to include a broader variety of fringe individuals within Trump’s base.

In October of 2017, a person or group going by the name of “Q” made a post titled “Calm Before The Storm,” in reference to a quote made by Trump earlier that same month.  Q claimed to be a high-level government insider with top level security clearance tasked with posting intelligence drops Q refers to as “breadcrumbs” directly to 4chan in order to covertly inform the public President Trump’s counter-coup against the deep state within the United Stated government.  As insane as this may sound (you ain’t seen nothing yet – read on!), with the help of some forced coincidences, such as Q predicting that Trump would Tweet the word “small” on Small Business Saturday (wow, what a prophet!) and the time Q posted a blurry picture of some islands while Trump was en route on Air Force One on his trip to Asia, proved to Q followers that Q must be close to Trump to the extent that he gets Trump Tweet previews and accompanies Trump on Air Force One on important presidential trips abroad.

Q’s core narrative is that Trump was never really involved in collusion with Russia, and is not and never was actually under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.  Q states that it’s actually the Clinton’s and the Obamas’s that were in collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin and are the real targets of the Mueller investigation.  In fact, beyond being in league with the Kremlin, the Clinton’s and Obama’s are nothing more than greedy globalists who do not care for their country but instead sell their services to the highest bidder no matter how evil or corrupt.

According to Q, the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and other leading democrats and anti-Trump Hollywood elites are also satanists who are part of a global pedophilia ring engaged in the sex trafficking of children for the pleasure of the global elite.   Q proclaims that the genius that is Trump figured all of this out back when he was still just a presidential candidate and has been pretending to like Putin and be engaged with Russia ever since we was on to them as a way to ensure that a third party would be appointed to investigate the satanic, evil, Russia colluding pedophile promoting leading Democrats.

“The Storm” Q eludes to will be the day of reckoning when Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, and even John McCain will all be arrested.  In the indictments that are to follow, Q states that many things will come out, including: the Steele Dossier was pad for and orchestrated by the Democrats led by Clinton and Obama, and the Las Vegas massacre was was an inside job perpetrated by the Democrats who are in league with the Saudis, among many other revelations.  Is your head spinning yet?

In the aftermath of Pizzagate, an internet conspiracy that alleged that Hillary Clinton was using a pizza shop as a front to run a child sex trafficking ring that led Edgar Welch to charge into a D.C. pizza are pizza shop armed with a semi-automatic rifle convinced that it was part of Clinton’s alleged pedophilia ring; the source of the conspiracy within in a sub group of Reddit got shut down and Twitter suspended the accounts of the conspiracy’s  most ardent supporters.  That seemed to suggest progress in the delegitimizing of outlandish conspiracy theories with no factual basis preventing them from being taken seriously by significant numbers of people.  Quite the contrary, Q has proves that is has gotten far worse, making Pizzagate pale in comparison.

Referring back to the title of this post  as to why Q has found their home with the Trump administration?  That is easy to figure out with Trump himself being conspiracy theorist in chief calling any and all news that reflects negatively on him “fake news,” referring to the free press as an “enemy of the people,” and pushing his own narrative of a corrupt deep state within the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies out to get him.  He was the champion of the mother of all conspiracy theories of the Obama administration that President Obama was not born in the United States long after most right wing talking heads had disavowed the birther angle.  One can argue that having a president who so quickly and passionately advocates conspiracy theories with no proof, actually emboldens those who like to create conspiracies and encourages a fearful and gullible segment of his base to actively find them.

The Trump administration has not publicly acknowledged Q and his/her/it’s followers’ support (yet), but that does not slow them down.  They believe everything Q feeds them and see the proof of Trump’s approval in hand signals that Trump uses with his hallmark gestures when he is publicly speaking.

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