Trump The Liar In Chief Spewing Unprecedented Flood Of Lies In His Mid-Term Campaign Of Fear

Donald Trump Spewing Unprecedented Number Of Lies During Mid-Term Election Scortched Earth Rallies

Long before he ever dabbled in politics, Donald Trump to put it kindly had a very loose relationship with the truth.   The pathological nature of his lying became increasingly evident as candidate Trump emerged and has reached epic proportions since he won the election right out of the gate, starting with the fallacy that President Obama wire tapped him and later the false claims of his supposed massive crowd size at his inauguration.  The lying has continued unabated but has reached an unprecedented flood of deception, even for Donald Trump, during the Trump mid-term election scorched earth lying tour.

Let’s highlight some of the most blatant and wholly untrue lies that have dominated the Trump lying tour as he stumps for red state candidates in very Trump friendly areas.

Trump lie: The democrats are behind the migrant caravan heading to the US border, many of whom have been paid.

Truth: This is completely untrue and based on a completely unproven right wing media conspiracy theory that the caravan was instigated by liberal billionaire George Soros who is paying migrants to head to the US border.  Their “evidence” is based on images of migrants that are receiving money along their voyage.  The truth is that the money received by these migrants comes from local merchants that gave them food and some money in exchange for the sale of personal belongings or in some cases out of charity.

Trump lie: There are Middle Eastern terrorists travelling with the caravan.

Truth: Straight from Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security, there is no evidence of this.

Trump Lie:  There is a middle class tax cut being meshed out in congress that he will be signing into law before the mid-term elections.

Truth: Congress is not currently in session and there is no middle class tax bill under consideration in either chamber of congress.

Trump lie: He will be signing a bill addressing the opioid crisis that had zero democrat support.

Truth:  The bill passed 98-1 in the Senate with 100% democrat support.  The one no? Republican Senator Mike Lee. 

Trump lie: The Mexican border wall he promised in his campaign is well under way.

Truth: Not one single section of the border wall has been installed.  Only some repairs of existing fencing have been done.

Trump lie: There have been riots in California sanctuary cites incited by residents that are fed up with sanctuary city status.

Truth: Not one single riot reported.

Trump lie: Democrats will give immigrants free cars.

Truth: Um…no.

It is ironic that a president whose base believes him to be a bold and unapologetic truth-teller is far and away the biggest liar to ever occupy the Oval Office. Watching the people at his rallies clap and cheer at his blatant lies and seeing that they are buying the snake oil with with zero evidence or facts to back up Trump’s claims, and his pundits going on TV and justifying his lies, is beyond cringe-worthy.  The truth is that the Trump base is unwavering in their support and love for a demagogue that spoon feeds them a constant barrage lies and encourages their votes by playing into their fears, the very pinnacle of mob manipulation.  Sadly, it works, and the republican party of Trump has become a place where truth does not matter and the top seats will be occupied by the loudest, red meat slinging, liar that best plays into the fears of a base all too gloriously intoxicated by their new normal.

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