What Has Trump So Ill At Ease (Um…More Than Usual)

Trump was more incoherent, inconsistent, and vitriolic this week more than ever in his presidency.

Even by Trump standards, this week has shown a President clearly unhinged. His often barely cohesive and contradictory diatribes via Twitter and to reporters reached a new hateful and chaotic all time high.

For starters, Trump had a tantrum at NATO ally Denmark only because the Prime Minister told him Greenland was not for sale, doubled down on an anti-Semitic statement about Jews being disloyal if they voted Democrat, bragged about receiving praise from a right-wing conspiracy theorist, talked about how he’d like to award himself a Medal of Honor, endorsed a comparison of him to a king, and anointed himself “the chosen one.” Feeling like your head is spinning? We’re just getting started!

In a 30 minute talk with the press he lashed out at his second favorite target next to Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, who has now been in retirement for more than two-and-half years. He then redoubled his attacks on the group of minority Democratic lawmakers known as the “Squad,” who he and his pundits are trying to make the face of their party ahead of 2020.

So what is triggering Trump’s more than typical unease? Is it his lagging poll numbers? No, he assures us that they are fake. Is it the recent resurgence of ISIS? No, ISIS is “100 percent” defeated. Wait, I think I got it…its the fears of coming recession!

Aside from getting conservative judges on the Supreme Court, the only other thing Trump has had consistently going for him is a very strong economy. It is likely the only thing that has helped his approval rating slip from bad to atrocious.

But, Trump has not really been clear this week about that either. He repeatedly assured the American people that his economy is strong and unwavering, meanwhile, floated the idea of a payroll tax reduction to stimulate the economy that is perfectly fine and does not require stimulating. What?

Since the economy is fine after all, he then withdrew that idea then declared that he would really like to do something about capital gains, once again for an economy he assures is invincible.

At least Trump was consistent about his pledge for action on expanding background checks and closing loopholes on gun purchases following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio that killed 31 people….until he wasn’t. He precipitously went from:

“I have an appetite for background checks. We’re going to … be doing background checks,” 

Then after a conversation with NRA president Wayne La Pierre, fired off the tired NRA talking point:

“We can’t let that slope go so easy that we’re talking about background checks, then all of a sudden we’re talking about — ‘Let’s take everybody’s gun away, ‘ “

This week should leave any citizen concerned about this President’s fitness for the office of the POTUS. There are, of course, the Trump die hards of his base that will inevitably say that there is nothing to see here. They are living proof that what Trump said about not losing one voter from his base even if he “shot someone dead on 5th Avenue,” is one of the few things he has ever said that is absolutely true.

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