Who Stands To Benefit The Most From Trump’s Abrupt US Withdrawal From Syria? Why, Russia Of Course!

Trump just cannot seem to quit Vladimir Putin and Russia. It started with his campaign manager Paul Manafort whose past experience was steeped in unethical and illegal lobbying of pro Russia political parties in Ukraine, providing internal Trump campaign polling data to a Russian oligarch with strong ties to Russian military intelligence. It has unabashedly continued to include Trump publicly inviting Russia (recall “Russia, if you’re listening…) to hack the DNC, the hack actually happening, Wikileaks posting the hacked DNC e-mails, Trump publicly siding with Putin over the heads of all of his intelligence agencies that Russia did not act to undermine our 2016 election, Trump relaxing election meddling sanctions on Russia, Trump publicly lobbying for Russia to be invited back into the G7…I could go on here, but you get the point I am sure.

In the latest of Trump’s great gifts to Russia, against the opinion of most of his fellow Republicans lawmakers and military experts, Trump made an abrupt US policy reversal to pull US troops from Syria to give Turkey the green light to slaughter the Kurds, a key ally in the fight against ISIS that lost over 10,000 men and women fighting along side US forces. Aside from the moral betrayal of our Kurdish allies, faced with Turkish ethnic cleansing, the Kurds in desperation cut a deal with Russian ally, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad who sent in his Russian backed army to defend the Kurds against Turkey.

Syria has been Russia’s only real power base in the Mediterranean with both air and naval bases in the region as the result of their support of Syrian despot Assad during the prolonged Syrian civil war. With US forces abandoning the region, Russia is more than happy to fill the vacuum and wield more influence in the region. With the Russian Federation flag flying proudly along side the Syrian flag in Kurdish territories recaptured from the Turks, it is clear to see who the new undisputed power broker is in the region.

Russia’s investment in meddling in the 2016 US presidential on behalf of Trump continues to be money well spent as the Trump foreign policy continues to benefit Putin’s ambitions. With one single decision, Trump undid what took years of investment in US military blood, sweat and tears along side our coalition allies to combat ISIS and handed the Middle East to Vladimir Putin on a platter.

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