“Q” of QAnon Identity Is No Secret – Read On And See Why It Is So Disturbing That He Has Millions Of Believers

What began in 2017 as a political conspiracy theory has since morphed into a conspiracy movement that in aims to account for much of the evil in the world, sweetened by the promise of evil’s swift demise with “The Storm,” the perpetually imminent arrest of tens of thousands of “enemy” Americans, and culminating in The Great Awakening” — the subsequent, Rapture-like new beginning for the world where believers’ faith is recognized and rewarded. The basis for QAnon made (and still makes) Donald Trump a messianic type figure anointed to accomplish this, engaged in a secret battle between him and the Deep State. These views center on the idea that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles—mainly consisting of what they see as elitist Democrats, politicians, journalists, entertainment moguls and other institutional figures—have long controlled much of the so-called deep state government, which they say sought to undermine Mr. Trump, mostly with the aid of media and entertainment outlets.

If this alone is not disturbing enough to know that millions of republicans are staunch followers of Q – at least 24 candidates who have endorsed or given credence to the conspiracy theory or promoted QAnon content (22 Republicans and two independents) had secured a spot on the ballot in the 2020 congressional elections and one won (Marjory Taylor Green) – if the source is considered, it is impossible to imagine how anyone could take it seriously.

The user “Q Clearance Patriot,” known to followers as “Q,” purports to be a high-level military intelligence official who leaves clues about the secret battle behind the scenes with “Q drops” — messages first posted in late 2017 on the anonymous image board 4chan, and later on 8chan and its successor, 8kun. The “chans,” as they are known — where the messages are posted — are low-trafficked anonymous image boards populated largely with hate speech, pornography and rhetorical violence.

Instead of registering users, the sites issue users a tripcode — a unique sequence of code that allows a user’s identity to be recognized without storing personal data, a practice that researchers say protects free speech but fuels the spread of disinformation. It’s “Q”‘s unique tripcode that allows followers to verify the messages are coming from the same user account — even as “Q” has migrated from one imageboard to the next.

To know who Q is, look no further than a pig farm in the Philippines, where resides James Arthur Watkins, 56, who gained control in 2015 of the controversial anonymous message board 8chan, and his son, Ronald Watkins, former 8chan administrator and current administrator of its successor, the Watkins-owned 8kun. Frederick Brennan, 26, said that he moved from New York City to Manila in 2014 at Watkins’ invitation to build out 8chan from the Philippines and the two formed a partnership. In a series of interviews, Brennan said that the trio of mass shootings — at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart; two New Zealand mosques; and a San Diego synagogue — perpetrated by alleged 8chan users finally forced him to reckon with the real-world consequences of anonymous online hate and decided to part ways with Watkins and has since become an outspoken critic of QAnon and the danger it presents to the world.

Watkins served in the U.S. Army from 1985 to 1999. The Army sent him in 1987 to computer training school in Virginia, and while still working for the Army in the 1990s he launched an Asian porn website. Watkins was something of a porn pioneer, who figured out a loophole in Japanese censorship rules. Adult material in Japan has to be censored, but Japanese people could access content that resides outside of Japan.

Regarding 8chan (now 8kun) of which he now has full control, it is a go to message board site to post hate, violence, pornography, and of course, Q drops from Q himself that post unsubstantiated extreme far right conspiracy and prophesies (none of which ever come true). QAnon of course was a main spreader of Trump’s big lie that he really won the 2020 election and the deep state stole it from him, and is widely believed by US intelligence to have played a major role in the Capitol riot.

Watkins has repeatedly denied being Q, purporting only to provide the platform through which the enigmatic figure disseminates his “information.” He justifies his tolerance of hate, violence, and porn on 8kun touting it as truly the last bastion of free speech.

So there you have it. As if the base narrative of Q were not ridiculous enough for a person of average intelligence to immediately dismiss it out of hand, the mysterious and all knowing Q puts his trust in a porn peddling American expat living on a pig the Philippines as his vessel to disseminate his ever so important messaging…and sadly, millions of Americans believe as if it is gospel.

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