Born in 1974, I am a member of Generation X, the group that currently forms the majority of parents raising children, while being in the process of graduating to the roles of leaders in business, community, and government. Children of the Baby Boom Generation, Generation X was generally so named because (according to demographers like William Strauss and Neil Howe)  our childhood was an era less focused on children and more focused on adults; an era that also saw record increases in divorce rates.

Also called at times the MTV generation, it was also opined that with the absence of major national or world events defined in the way The Greatest Generation had the Depression and World War II, the Baby Boomers had civil rights, Vietnam, and all of their consequences; Generation X lacked real historical identity. Without major upheaval we were compelled to turn inward toward a focus on our existence within our respective microcosms, and subsequently many thought that we were aloof to the greater concerns of the country and the world as a whole, and our parents held little hope that we were capable of, or caring to be, the next stewards of our society. They could not have been more wrong.

I created this blog because I care very much about my country, my community, and my wife and young children. For while our childhoods may not have been defined by major upheaval, our twenties saw plenty (9/11, The Great Recession, and the election of our first African American President to name a few). We have also witnessed the escalating polarization of politics and the many forces that threaten the fabric of our democracy.

While there is no doubt that like any other Generation X’er, I loved girls, MTV, and playing sports, it does not mean that I have not payed attention, and I have never in my lifetime seen politics so polarized, our country so divided, and our democracy at greater risk. Thus, I feel compelled to write, to engage, and to inform now more than ever before…and I invite you to engage and discuss with me.

I own successful businesses and raise small children and if social discourse is any indication of the vile sentiments our current hyper-polarized political climate may elicit, I risk doing my family and livelihood harm as the result of my reporting on this site.  I thus write anonymously as “Washington,” the surname of our legendary Founding Father who in his infinite humility and wisdom, rejected being crowned king and set the standard for leadership and the dignity of office of the President of the United States.  I did not take that pen name in any attempt at comparing myself to George Washington, but to instead to pay homage to a great man who is forever enshrined as a shining example of how those that commit to democracy should conduct themselves.